D3 hardbody racing was created in 2008 as a scratchbuilding class using model car kit bodies and inexpensive sealed motors. The emphasis is on scratchbuilding and model kit bodies. The combination has resulted in many different hardbody cars being built and raced at Buena Park Raceway. This website was created to provide detailed info on scratchbuilding and hopefully others will find it useful. Although this website reports on hardbody races at Buena Park Raceway, its main focus is on helping those interested in building/racing hardbody cars wherever they race slot cars.  Once you build your own cars, there's no limit as it opens a whole new world of slot car racing. Plenty of expert help to get you started. Newbies welcome!          

                                                                                     Website by Keith Tanaka

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           WRC ENDURO - MAY  15, 2016

                ​buena Park raceway

4th D3 Hardbody Nats - Oct. 18, 19, 2014

                  Buena Park Raceway

2nd Chance GTP ENDURO - NOV. 29, 2015

                ​buena Park raceway

6th D3 Hardbody nats - oct. 15,16, 2016

                ​buena Park raceway

5th D3 Hardbody nats - oct. 17,18, 2015

                ​buena Park raceway

D3 4 Hr. GTP hardbody enduro

             june 28, 2015, BPR

D3 Hardbody racing


15 D3 Hardbody Racing classes. All classes use 1/24-1/25 model car kit bodies (AMT, Revell, Monogram, MPC, Tamiya, Fujimi, etc.) along with scratchbuilt chassis and inexpensive sealed motors. Newbies welcome. Plenty of expert help to get you started.


Complete race photo reports for monthly and special events such as the annual D3 Hardbody Nats are available at our Phanfare website. Click on the green RACE REPORTS tab below.

 PORSCHE  ENDURO - APRIL  30, 2017       buena Park raceway

upcoming races

Monthly races on the 3rd Sunday of each month (except for special races). BPR opens at 10 am, first race (mixed race) at noon followed by GTP/Mid-Engine race.


OCT. 19-20, 2019 Buena Park Raceway​​