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D3 Hardbody races are held each month on the 3rd Sunday on Buena Park Raceway's MTT Flat Track.

Track opens at 10 am, first race at noon.

​May races on Saturday, May 20th rather than 3rd Sunday (Mother's day is 3rd Sunday in 2017).

June races on 2nd Sunday (June 11) rather than 3rd Sunday (Father's day is 3rd Sunday in 2017).

Races also held on any month with a 5th Sunday when available.

Typical race schedule as follows:

First race (starts at noon) is the "Mixed" race for any D3 hardbody racing class. This race also allows any other hardbody which may become a future racing class. This race is similar to a "Run What You Brung" race.

A "Lap Differential" podium levels the playing field between the different racing classes in this mixed race.

Second race is the GTP/NASCAR race. This is a dual podium race. A regular podium and a "racer handicap" podium.

"Racer Handicap" is similar to handicap system used for bowling/golf. Handicap is determined using last 6 races.


7th Annual D3 Hardbody Nats at Buena Park Raceway, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 21,22, 2017.